Alf & Annie Harris

About Us – Our Beginning

Harrisville in the early 1900's

Harrisville Orchards all began with Craig’s great grandfather. Alf Harris leased a small parcel of land in Lenswood, in June 1899. He planted the first apple trees in the spring of 1901. Over 90 years later those trees were still producing quality apples, but were removed to make way for some new varieties to be planted. Alf also planted in the early day’s cherries, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and grew many different vegetables. Over the years with each generation gradually taking on the role as manager, the orchard has now passed down to Craig Harris who is currently the fourth generation managing director. Over the years, further parcels of land have been purchased, gradually planting the best sites with apples or cherries. The land not suitable for planting has been used for either grazing or kept in its natural bush environment. One thing that is still adopted by Harrisville Orchards is quality. Any body can grow fruit, but the real challenge is in growing consistent quality, whether it is Apples or Cherries.


Harrisville today in 2011

Harris Family

Winner of champion apples at Royal Adelaide Show for 20 years!

The 2017 Cherry season will begin on Saturday 2nd December. We look forward to seeing you throughout the season.

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